Other Projects

Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi, Star Plus

Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi, Star Plus Some moments from the show Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi where the story and the idea behind Clothes Box Foundation was dicussed with the Legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan !!! The show was aired on Star Plus on 20th December 2015.
You can catch the story again by clicking on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/clothesboxfoundation7

Clothes distribution with Shri Amitabh Bachchan

Clothes Box Foundation had the privilege of organising a distribution drive in Gurgaon where clothes donated by the legendary thespian Mr. Amitabh Bachchan were distributed by the great man himself along with the Clothes Box team. The 'Silsila' jacket donated by him got particular attention and we're sure, the recipient would treasure it for life.

Clothes distribution with Hussain Kuwajerwala

A prominent TV personality, Hussain Kuwajerwala accompanied the Clothes Box Foundation team to distribute clothes at a construction site in Gurgaon. Distribution of clothes was not the only activity carried out, some of the recipients even sang songs and shook a leg with him. Enjoy the photos!

Srinagar Flood Relief

While we were enjoying the rain in the cosy comfort of our homes, Kashmir wass submerged, many were stranded and struggling for survival. Hence, Clothes Box Foundation took this an initiative towards rehabilitation and relief work for helping the flood victims in Jammu and Kashmir. We organized a blanket donation drive from the 11th of September till 20th of September 2014. The target was 1001 blankets in 7 days but we met and exceeded our targets in just 5 days. The donations reached Jammu and Kashmir through the Indian Army and CBF volunteers. Our volunteers personally handed over the blankets to those in need. List of donors with their names and the amount of blankets donated were put up everyday on the page to keep things transparent.

Relief for Muzaffarnagar riot victims

In the wake of the Muzaffarnagar riots of 2013 often described as "the worst violence in Uttar Pradesh in recent history", we were alerted by student volunteers from TISS, Mumbai about the adversities faced by the people, especially the children in the city. Using the resources available, we collected approximately 450 clothes for children below 8 years old and these were distributed through collaborative efforts with Akfar Foundation, an organisation based in Delhi but operating at Shamli and Muzaffarnagar. With Government aid involving arduous process, they'd set up camps accommodating around 50,000 people. Clothes Box Foundation has always tried making efforts to address situations like these facing the country and is continuing to do so with the help of our enthusiastic volunteers and supporters who continue to back us up through thick and thin.

A helping Hand to Chennai

Chennai recently faced terrible devastation due to heavy rainfall which caused floods in most parts of the city. Clothes Box Foundation took the initiative of helping our friends out in Chennai.
We collected over a thousand clothes from the public of Delhi and NCR, who generously donated for this cause, in just one day and successfully despatched them to our volunteers in Chennai.

Nepal Earthquake Relief

Burst Hunger Challenge

Why not change how you celebrate the festive season. Every festive season CBF organises a Burst Hunger Challenge where we pedge to not burst crackers but burst hunger.
You Participate in the #BurstHungerChallenge by following these 4 easy steps:
Step 1: Help someone in need and donate something of value to him/her (Food, clothes and blankets)
Step 2: Capture the moment by taking a photo or a short video (If you're camera-shy, just take a picture of the person you've helped. No pressure!)
Step 3: Share it on social media using the following message : "Instead of bursting crackers, I pledge to burst hunger this Diwali" I accept the #BurstHungerChallenge (Spread the good vibes!)
Step 4: Challenge 5 friends to do it by tagging them on your photo/video.
Thats How You Burst Hunger :)
Thats How You Become a Social Cracker :D

Gift a Dream

In the Christmas season, kids all over the country are busy filling out their wish lists. However, many financially disadvantaged children are going to be left disappointed yet again this year, as they wonder why their wishes remain ungranted when they've tried so hard to be on the nice list. Indeed, this perpetual cycle of hope and disappointment is a depressing, but very true story of modern India. Clothes Box Foundation grants these ungranted wishes which will hopefully help compensate, albeit a little, for the normal childhood these kids had been deprived of but your cooperation is absolutely vital to help us achieve this goal. Our donors play the role of secret angels for these children. Here's how "Gift a Dream" works- •We post a list of around 500 kids along with their wishes (eg: A new school bag, going to amusement parks, watching a movie in a multiplex, A new toy) and this is where we'll need you to step in as the wish granters/Angel. •The cost of granting these wishes range from Rs. 100-2000. (only a fraction of your pocket money!) •All monetary donations can be made through Donate now section at www.clothesboxfoundation.org •Material donations can also be made by contacting us. •Once the wishes are granted, the pictures of the children are put on our internet platforms where they can be seen enjoying their gift or experience. Everyone wants change but only a few are willing to be the change. Superheroes don't always wear caps or have superpowers. Be an everyday superhero! The CBF team anticipates your participation and support for this cause. Let's work together and fulfill their small dreams and enable them to dream bigger!